Header lexy/dsl/alternative.hpp

Token rule lexy::dsl::operator/

namespace lexy
    struct exhausted_alternatives {};

namespace lexy::dsl
    constexpr token-rule auto operator/(token-rule auto lhs,
                                        token-rule auto rhs);

operator/ (alternative) is a token rule that matches one of the specified tokens.


Tries to match lhs and rhs; consuming the longest match.


lexy::exhausted_alternatives: if neither lhs or rhs matched; at the original reader position. The rule then fails without consuming anything.

Parse tree

Single token node covering everything consumed by the selected token. If the token kind of all individual token rules identical, that is the token kind. Otherwise, the kind is unknown.

As the result of operator/ is itself a token rule, it can be chained.

Example 1. Match one of the given literals.
struct production
    static constexpr auto rule = LEXY_LIT("a") / LEXY_LIT("abc") / LEXY_LIT("bc");
For literal token rules, the implementation uses a trie to match them efficiently. For complex tokens the alternative rule requires backtracking. Use choice with a branch condition as an optimization.
Unlike choice, the ordering of rules in an alternative does not matter. It will always consume the longest match.

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