Header lexy/dsl/lookahead.hpp

Branch rule lexy::dsl::lookahead

namespace lexy
    struct lookahead_failure {};

namespace lexy::dsl
    struct lookahead // models branch-rule
        template <typename Tag>
        static constexpr lookahead error;

    constexpr lookahead lookahead(auto needle, auto end);

lookahead is a branch rule that checks if needle is found before end.


If it can match needle before end is matched or before EOF is reached, the branch is taken without having consumed any input. Otherwise, it raises an error.

Branch parsing

Same as parsing, but backtracks instead of raising an error.


A generic error with the specified Tag or lexy::lookahead_failure at the position where it started to match the lookahead rule. It then recovers without consuming additional input.



Example 1. Look for an = sign before deciding on a branch
struct flag
    std::optional<std::string> key;
    std::string                value;

struct production
    struct flag_key
        static constexpr auto rule  = dsl::identifier(dsl::ascii::alpha);
        static constexpr auto value = lexy::as_string<std::string>;

    struct flag_value
        static constexpr auto rule  = dsl::identifier(dsl::ascii::alnum);
        static constexpr auto value = lexy::as_string<std::string>;

    static constexpr auto whitespace = dsl::ascii::blank; // no newline

    static constexpr auto rule = [] {
        // key = value
        auto key_value = dsl::p<flag_key> + dsl::lit_c<'='> + dsl::p<flag_value>;
        // no key, just value
        auto value = dsl::nullopt + dsl::p<flag_value>;

        // We have a key if we're having an equal sign before the newline.
        auto key_condition = dsl::lookahead(dsl::lit_c<'='>, dsl::newline);
        return (key_condition >> key_value | dsl::else_ >> value) + dsl::eol;

    static constexpr auto value = lexy::construct<flag>;
Automatic whitespace  skipping is disabled while parsing needle or end.
This rule requires backtracking, which can slow down parsing.
Use lexy::dsl::peek  if you want to check that needle matches at the current position.

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