Header lexy/dsl/subgrammar.hpp

Rule for parsing a subgrammar, which is a grammar that is defined in a separate file.

Subgrammar definition


#define LEXY_DEFINE_SUBGRAMMAR(Production)
#define LEXY_INSTANTIATE_SUBGRAMMAR(Production, Action)

Declares and defines a subgrammar by specifying its entry production.


This is used in the header file where Production is an incomplete type.


This is used in the source file where Production is defined.


This is used in the source file where Production is defined. It instantiates it for the specified Action, which is a one of the XXX_action types. Action is a variadic argument, so commas in the template arguments aren’t an issue.

lexy::dsl::subgrammar  can be used in all files that include the header, and with all parse actions that have been instantiated.

The macros must be used at global scope.

Rule lexy::dsl::subgrammar

namespace lexy::dsl
    template <typename Production, typename T>
    constexpr rule auto subgrammar;

subgrammar is a rule that parses the entry production Production of a subgrammar.

  • LEXY_DECLARE_SUBGRAMMAR(Production) has been specified in the file.

  • A different source file contains LEXY_DEFINE_SUBGRAMMAR(Production) and LEXY_INSTANTIATE_SUBGRAMMAR(Production, Action) for the action that is also used to parse subgrammar.

  • T is the type of the value produced by using lexy::parse  on the Production. If lexy::parse is never used, it can be void.


Parses Production as-if it was the top level action. Unlike lexy::dsl::p , the context is not retained: whitespace rules and parse variables get reset.


All errors raised by parsing Production. The rule then fails if it has failed.


The single value of type T produced by parsing Production.

Example 1. Split a grammar into multiple files.
//=== grammar.hpp ===//
struct child_production;

//=== grammar.cpp ===//
#include "grammar.hpp"

struct root_production
    static constexpr auto rule = dsl::subgrammar<child_production, int>;
    static constexpr auto value = lexy::forward<int>;

//=== grammar_child.cpp ===//
#include "grammar.hpp"

struct child_production
    static constexpr auto rule  = dsl::integer<int>;
    static constexpr auto value = lexy::forward<int>;


// We want to support matching on a string input without parse state.
    lexy::match_action<void, lexy::string_input<>>)

// And we want to support parsing on a buffer using a custom parse state.
    lexy::parse_action<my_parse_state, lexy::buffer<>,
If you forgot a LEXY_INSTANTIATE_SUBGRAMMAR call or make an error with the type of the action, you will get linker errors.
If the subgrammar wants automatic whitespace skipping, it needs to specify a whitespace in the entry production again.

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